The Placid Star Manifesto – Life. Adventure. Work.

Life. Adventure. Work. Manifesto

Here at Placid Star we believe that to do great things you need to be peaceful and calm. Unwanted stress creates unwanted results and gets in the way of being happy and fulfilled. Put into three words, the Placid Star ethos can be boiled down to Life. Adventure. Work.

Life. Adventure. Work. Digital Playground

This site therefore is a digital playground where we get to write about three crucial strands and help others in the process. This medium allows us complete freedom to be who we are without limits. It allows us to express our opinions on things we hold dear without having to get approval.


Life. Adventure. Work. Life

Having a life and making the most of it is the most important thing there is. It is not good enough to exist, one must get the most out of life! To intentionally mis-quote Henry David Thoreau when writing in the excellent Walden [UK Link]:

I wanted to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life

If you can live deep and get the most out of life, then, along with us you will be living with purpose and intent. Being able to stop and smell the roses, enjoy the view, or watch the sea is one of lifes treasures worth taking time over.

Here at Placid Star we strongly believe you should be leading the best life possible. We aim to help enrich your life and experiences by writing essays which reflect on common issues associated with modern society and point out ways in which you can better approach them.


Life. Adventure. Work. Adventure

An adventure is an exciting or unusual experience, often with uncertain outcomes. For you to life more purposefully and make the most of your precious time then having adventures is key to finding out what works for you.

This is not just the adventure of visiting new places and seeing new things (which we still recommend by the way), but the adventure which takes place within your mind and through everyday experiences.

Here at Placid Star we aim to help your become more adventurous by documenting some of our adventures and writing about what is and isn’t working. We intend to show you that many new and unusual things are open to us, if we just open our minds to the possibility.


Life. Adventure. Work. Work

Unlike the many others out there, this is not a call to jack in your job. Instead we advocate making the most of your talent and time. Whether this is working for yourself or others, it does not matter. What does matter is the time you spend at work must be time which enriches your life and supports your adventurous nature.

Work not only financially supports life and new adventures, but is a massive part of who we are and what we do.

Here are Placid Star we aim to open your eyes to ways of working and thinking about work which supports your life and the many adventures you plan to have. As part of the work strand we will also look at the spoils of work and help you focus on activities which produce the greatest return.

Finishing Up

So if the┬áLife. Adventure. Work.┬ámanifesto interests you, then please share us with your friends through the usual social media channels and get in touch if you have any suggestions about what you’d like to see on here.